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For the defective goods, Warranty process as follows:

  • For the defective goods, Warranty process as follows:

    • Send us your order number and pictures of defective light to: service@morsenled.com
    • Within 180 days purchases, Morsen will cover the shipping cost from customer to warehouse.
    • For goods between 181 days and 3 years from the date of original invoice, a service to ship the defective product for repair or replacement to the MORSEN. Customers need to pay the shipping cost at local logistics.
      Tips: Contact service@morsenled.com by learning how to obtain lower shipping rate at logistics company.
    • Free shipping rates

      Any flat shipping rate can be made into a free shipping rate by setting the shipping cost to $0. For example, if you want to offer free shipping on all orders, then you can create a general flat shipping rate with a cost of $0.

      Instead, if you wanted to offer free shipping on orders over $100, then set up a priced-based flat rate of $0 for orders over $100.

Morsen reserves the right to modify or discontinue this LED Warranty without notice provided that any such modification or discontinuance will only be effective with respect to any LED Products purchased after such modification or discontinuance. Except as set forth in this LED Warranty, all other provisions in the applicable Morsen Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to any LED Products.

All Flood lights carry a 3-Year replacement warranty at no cost to fix.
No return for refunds, exchanges, credit or replacement are accepted.