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What are LEDs?

LEDs are light-emitting diodes, or electronic components that produce light by converting electrical energy directly to light by the movement of electrons within the material of the diode. LEDs are highly efficient, they are beginning to replace most conventional light sources.

How do Traditional Light and LED Light Compare?

LED lights are 30-50% more efficient than most traditional lights.

What are the Advantages Switching To LED? 

LEDs have no gases, filaments or other moving parts. They provide light through a one-step process that takes place within the diode. You do not have to worry about broken glass or other parts breaking or coming loose.

What are the advantages of the All-In-One Solar Street Lights?

The all-in-one solar street light features a more efficient mono PV panel, long lifespan LiFePO4 lithium battery, brighter brand LED, smart controller and PIR sensor in one cabinet. The T Series is easy to install. It takes one-two workers only five minutes to finish installation and no heavy equipment is required.

What is a LED Solar Street Street Light?

Solar LED street lights are lights made of a crystalline silicon PV panel (power supply), smart controller, lithium or lead-acid battery (stock power), higher LED source and other components. A special PIR sensor can provide smart control capabilities or multi-function extension.

Do You Sell / Ship To My Country?  

Yes. Barring an embargo, we sell and offer shipping to almost every country. Please contact us at service@morsenled.com for a quote and order fulfillment. For quick processing, tell us what product you would like to purchase and include your mailing address.

What is Your Warranty Policy?

For the defective goods, Warranty process as follows:

  • Send us your order number and pictures of defective light to service@morsenled.com
  • Within 90 Day purchases, customer needs to ship the defective goods to MORSEN warehouse. The MORSEN will cover the shipping cost from customer to warehouse. Please pay the shipping cost at local logistics first, we will refund customer shipping cost from receiving the original receipt.
  • For goods between 91 days and 2 years from the date of original invoice, a service to ship the defective product for repair or replacement to the MORSEN, customer needs to pay for the shipping cost to local logistics company.

MORSEN reserves the right to modify or discontinue this LED Warranty without notice provided that any such modification or discontinuance will only be effective with respect to any LED Products purchased after such modification or discontinuance. Except as set forth in this LED Warranty, all other provisions in the applicable MORSEN Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to any LED Products.

All Flood lights carry at least 3-Year replacement warranty at no cost to fix.
No return for refunds, exchanges, credit or replacement are accepted.

In order to enforce the rights under this warranty, the purchaser must notify of a warranty claim by contacting email: service@morsenled.com 

What is Your Warranty Policy?

We do not accept returns on any lighting products. However, we do offer a warranty guaranteeing our products for three years.

Can Your Lights Run On 240V?

Yes. MORSEN LED lights can run safely on voltages ranging from 185v all the way up to 260v. The cord will need to be changed out to accommodate the different voltages, but this will be all you need.

How Long does it Take To Built and Ship a Product?

ALL Series: Within 7 Days from payment approval.