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Which one is better? White Led Or Purple Led for Led Grow Lights?

Which one is better? White Led Or Purple Led for Led Grow Lights?

For people who love to grow indoor plants, there are always continuous debates on the best grow light that gets the best results for growth. One of the most recent debates is the difference between effect of white LED lights and red  & blue LED lights on indoor plant growth.

We have test these two different LED grow Lights and found that tomato yields increased 12 to 16% when using white LED lights, the results were probably due to the white LEDs that contained more than 50% of green light characterized by high penetration into the canopy. 

Second test we observed lettuce grown by using white Led and red&blue grow light separately. The result shows soluble sugar and nitrate contents in the lettuce grown with added white spectrum was significantly higher and lower, respectively. We also observed lettuce under white Led grow light has higher shoot and root fresh and dry weights as well as higher crispness, sweetness, and better plant shape.

What is Full Spectrum White Light Specifically?

While most indoor growers are familiar with the benefits of using red &blue growing lights, white LED lights are a newer consideration. Most of growers have previously considered white light to have little or no value for plant growth. However, this is not true with white LED Lights, as seen in the previous test earlier.


Most LED grow light spectrum charts will already show these wavelengths, white Led grow light includes a full spectrum, including the all important red and blue as well. White LED lights are also great lighting to help enjoy the plants as they grow, and they provide a 40% light absorption rate. Additionally, because they are LED, these lights will not burn or over chafe the leaves, ground or soil with a drying light.

Conclusion: White light is better and stronger but consume more electricity.

Which series of Morsen grow lights include White LEDs?

We have customized new full spectrum white led grow lights for M series 2000W--3000W Plus, 1800W and 2400W for S series, you can check these upgraded white led grow light below this link, Morsen white led grow lights.

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