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How Do Solar Flood Lights work?

How Do Solar Flood Lights work?

Solar Light is a lighting system, which consists of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, and charge controller, and there may also be an inverter. Solar flood lights work through the photovoltaic effect. The most important part of a solar flood light is the solar cell or the photovoltaic cell that part that converts the direct light from the sun into an electric current through which the floodlights are illuminated. The solar cell can be easily visible as a dark panel at the top of a solar light. Technically, it is the solar panel which allows the light to shine.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Flood Lights

You might have moved into a new place or could have re-done your house or your outdoor area with landscaping for which you might now require some nice, bright lights. Since you have probably spent a fortune on your new landscaping, you probably do not want to incur additional costs.

Solar powered flood lights are the perfect answer to such a dilemma. Only a one-time investment (with the replacement of batteries much later) there are no incurring costs associated with it. There are, however, many things to consider before buying solar flood lights.

  • Purpose

Do you want to just illuminate the outdoor area because it’s dark? Or, do you have a particular object or a reason you want to keep lit up, such as a pool? Solar flood light would be perfect for that. If you want to use them as a security measure, again these are the best bet for you as they can illuminate your outdoor area perfectly.

  • Beautification

If you want to beautify your outdoor area, then floodlights may not be the answer for you. Floodlights are good for illuminating large areas with basic light. If you are looking for something different or flashy, then maybe solar string lights can be an option for you. Most of the times, solar flood lights are quite regular and have no decorative purposes so if you are looking for decoration, these may not be your best bet.

  • Indoors or Outdoors?

Solar flood lights are strictly for outdoors. They are large in size and are quite bright so, they have no purpose indoors.

  • Cost

Solar flood lights are a little pricier than other solar lights such as pathway lights or string lights since they are larger in size. They also brighten up a larger area so, most of the times, one solar flood light is more than enough for an area.

  • Area

It depends on how big and wide the area is. If the area you want to illuminate is not very big, then maybe pathway lights or landscape lights may be a better option for you or alternatively, a combination of different solar lights. Alternatively, if the area you want the lights to illuminate is very big then you might not two packs of the same lights or different ones, depending on your preference.

  • Climate

Most solar powered lights require at least 6 hours of charging in the sunlight. You need to see how your weather conditions are like and whether there will be enough sun to charge the batteries for the solar panel every day. Some solar lights have batteries which are sold separately as well and those can be used in environments where the sun hardly comes up.

  • Waterproof

When buying solar flood lights, it is very important to check whether they are water resistant. Since these lights will be outdoors all the time, they need to be able to withstand the heat, snow and rain.

  • Adjustable Panels

You might want to move the direction of your light from the left to the right sometime, without moving or dismounting the entire light. Most solar flood lights come with this option. When you are purchasing these lights, make sure this option is there.

  • Your Preferences

Your personality and the place you want to illuminate matters a lot when choosing the perfect solar pathway light. Do you like a bright light to illuminate an entire space? Or do you prefer warm glow of lights? These pathway lights are not very huge and neither do they give a very prominent light. So, if you want to use solar lights, for example, to light up your front yard for security purposes then solar flood lights are the best bet.

  •  After Sales Service

A company’s after sales service or warranty really matters a lot when it comes to purchasing solar-powered lights. The company that you buy from should always be known and should be trustworthy and reliable to perform or to replace parts, or give warranty in case there is a need.

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